When you don’t expect it, …

“I just won a case! Where are you shifting me now? The parking garage?”

Wake me up when it’s all over

One day we are all gonna leave this world behind, so why don’t we make an effort to make our colourless lives interesting and memorable. RIP Avicii.

Talking to your Demons

Stop running away now. It’s okay to stop and breathe. It’s time to accept how you feel…

When ‘Love’ Falls for You

We aren’t supposed to be fixed. We are Art. Every time our life got shattered we picked ourselves up and re-created Art out of ourselves.

With Death Face to Face

The truck didn’t see the little boy. When the driver lost control and went over him, there was nothing but pin drop silence.

Go off the Grid

History, The Arts, Literature blows my mind. Us Philosophical cronies are always deemed to be a little loony. But truly we are the tremendously sane ones who pricked our lovely bubbles long long time ago.